Production Specs

Production Specs

OUTFRONT offers clients turnkey production services to ensure that your campaign is printed efficiently and with the highest standards and material.

If you’d like more information on how to print your campaign with OUTFRONT, please contact one of our Account Managers who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have done this before or just want to get started, our specifications are available right here on our website, along with distance testing tools to see what your campaign will look like in the Out-of-Home space.

Production Specifications outline the requirements for producing outstanding Out-of-Home. Following our specifications will ensure that your creative is produced to the highest standard.

Our rates are competitive as we do everything in house, but you are welcome to. Request a quote here
OUTFRONT STUDIOS: Whether you are a local brand or national advertiser, OUTFRONT STUDIOS’ designers will set up discovery and brainstorm calls to get to know you, understand what you are passionate about, and learn about your business goals.

Our in-house creative team offers complimentary concept development to ensure your campaign is contextually relevant and impactful in Out-of-Home. 

Special Executions: Get inspired for your next campaign with these OUTFRONT special executions. Download “Creative Execution Presentation”
Outdoor Outdoor
Permanents Quebec City - Paper (.pdf)
Permanents Quebec City - Vinyl (.pdf)
Permanents St. john's Newfoundland - 42 x 10
Permanents St. john's Newfoundland - 44 x 10
Posters (.pdf)
Horizontal Backlights (.pdf)
Vertical Backlight (.pdf)
Superboard S-10 (.pdf)
Superboard S-14 (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Posters (.pdf)
Space Extensions - Superboards (.pdf)
Tri-Vision-Wrap (.pdf)
Posters - Paper (.zip)
Horizontal Backlights (.zip)
Vertical Backlight (.zip)
Superboard S-10 (.zip)
Superboard S-14 (.zip)
Poster Space Extensions (.zip)
Street Furniture Street Furniture
Street Furniture (Transit Shelters, APT, Map Stands, Mediacolumns) (.pdf)
Street Furniture - Combo (B.C. Transit Shelters) (.pdf)
Bixi Montreal Street Furniture (.pdf)
Street Furniture (.zip)
Street Furniture - Combo (.zip)
Bixi Montreal Street Furniture (.zip)
Digital Digital
Digital Specifications Portfolio (.pdf)
Yonge Eglinton Centre (.pdf)
Yonge-Dundas Square (.pdf)
Digital Outdoor Template (.zip)
Yonge Eglinton Centre Design Template (.zip)
Yonge Dundas Square Design Template (.zip)
Distance Test
Distance Test
Poster (.jpg)
Superboard (.jpg)
Transit Shelter (.jpg)
Poster (.psd)
Superboard (.psd)
Transit Shelter (.psd)
Backlight (.psd)
Vertical Backlight (.psd)

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