OUTFRONT Media's Canadian Business Selects Vistar Media As A Programmatic Supply-Side Platform

​​​Posted July 23, 2020

New York, July 23, 2020  — OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT)

OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT) today announced a new partnership between its Canadian business and Vistar Media, a leading global provider of programmatic out-of-home technology, to enable programmatic transactions. OUTFRONT Canada will leverage the Vistar supply-side platform ("SSP") to allow buyers to purchase OUTFRONT's Canadian digital inventory programmatically, via an open exchange or private marketplace deals.

There are currently more than 200 OUTFRONT Canada digital billboards available through the Vistar SSP, with further expansion planned throughout 2020. Following this partnership, Vistar now has direct integrations with OUTFRONT's Canadian digital inventory and a significant portion of OUTFRONT's U.S. digital outdoor, making OUTFRONT the best North American programmatic digital Outdoor option.

Michele Erskine CEO – OUTFRONT Canada “Digital Outdoor screens in their first iteration were sold as revolving loops of ads. We weren’t tapping their true potential. These screens deliver massive impressions with huge impact and can also be highly targeted, data driven and flexible with the right tools. The emergence of Outdoor programmatic platforms is taking us to another level and opening up our inventory to new buyers. Our relationship with Hivestack was a critical first step and a true partnership. The learning on both sides was invaluable and we look forward to continuing this journey.”

"Advertisers today are eager to combine the targeting and flexibility of programmatic with the impact and contextual relevance of out-of-home", said Michele Erskine, CEO OUTFRONT Canada. "Vistar's technology seamlessly connects the world's leading brands and agencies with our high-impact digital inventory."

"With programmatic technology, buyers can reach their target audiences across the entire digital out-of-home landscape, now including OUTFRONT Media’s Canadian digital inventory, which provides coverage of all major markets in Canada", said Scott Mitchell, Managing Director, Canada at Vistar Media. "We've reached a tipping point in the industry with all major players adopting programmatic, providing buyers a unique opportunity to scale their investment in digital out-of-home as part of a data-driven, omni-channel strategy."

For more information, contact Brendan Dillon; Director of Digital Transformation – OUTFRONT Canada.

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