8 times OUTFRONT inspired people to be #OUTsharinglove

​​​Posted January 29, 2021

"Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold." — Zelda Fitzgerald.

OUTFRONT’S #OUTSHARINGLOVE initiative offers people a visual platform to celebrate love (be it romantic, platonic or somewhere in between), and to inspire others to do the same. It always makes our day when clients come to us with an idea to use our boards to spread a hopeful, positive message. Over the years, it has also inspired us to do the same, giving our communities opportunities to use our boards to share their messages of love and appreciation. Below are just a few examples of how we at OUTFRONT, and our clients, have been #OUTSHARINGLOVE over the years.

  1. Couple goals

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    George kept the momentum going following his weekend marriage proposal to Myriam with a personalized message integrated into her daily subway commute. While commuters were playfully instructed to ‘Please keep walking, this advertisement is designed only for a very special someone’, Myriam was elated to see their picture displayed with the caption ‘She said yes’ on her way home.

  2. Once in a lifetime

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    Hailing from a small city in Quebec, Serge wanted to go big (billboard size, that is) when it came time to proposing to his ‘princess’. He designed a unique campaign with a traditional request and Lorraine was happy to oblige with a resounding ‘yes’!

  3. Uspshaly (love) you


    Children are constantly surprising adults when it comes to how resilient they are in the face of a challenge. At the beginning of the 2020 stay-at-home measures, OUTFRONT asked kids to submit drawings of hope and solidarity for us to display on our digital boards. The result? Over 60 kids captivated the hearts of Canadians with their expressions of empathy, hope and love. But the best part was, their reactions to seeing their works of art IRL.

  4. Love is our anchor

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    Amy Dawn had an epiphany when she drove past the OUTFRONT billboard in Regina, knowing this would be the location for the next LOVE campaign (part of the international Love on every Billboard movement).

    After months of tireless planning and fundraising, Amy saw her dream come to fruition on March 30th, 2020, when the 107th LOVE billboard went up in her hometown. Unbeknownst to her, this billboard would become even more meaningful to her community in the coming days, as the world was now in the midst of a pandemic. This billboard became a symbol of love and hope when it was needed most because, as Amy Dawn so eloquently put it, “The anchor is love. And it’s always been love.”

  5. Making a difference

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    When 9-year-old Michela got wind that EMT and paramedics’ life-saving contributions during Covid-19 were being overlooked, she decided to find a creative way to give her thanks. Response to her digital billboard from frontline workers was immediate and grateful; “We’ve been seeing your billboards! Thank you for posting them!! Let the kids know they're making a difference (with the front line).”

  6. Love you to the board and back

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    As Nana looked out her window on her 78th birthday, she was greeted to something special; a personalized birthday message lovingly created by her five grandchildren who joined her for a socially distanced celebration. Big Nana had a billboard-sized blast that day!

  7. Teenage dream

    outsharing love outfrontmedia

    People sometimes dismiss the impact of Covid-19 on high school students whose proms and graduations were cancelled, or as one mom put it, a life milestone and right-of-passage lost. OUTFRONT’S “We Get You Class of 2020” initiative was meant to give high school students a chance to show off their prom outfits and grad pictures. But it turned out, the billboards were about so much more. Over 50 submissions were sent in by family (mostly moms!) who were eager to express how proud they were and to give their children their moment to shine.

  8. Selfless love

    Daniel Moran, Dinesh Boaz, Valentina Elegante and Danny Potts (Future First Studio) called their winning submission to OUTFRONT’S 2020 OUTFRAME competition. "Selfless Love" and accompanied their beautiful design with these powerful statements: "Selfless love is an action - a choice to put someone or something before your own needs. Our work shows just that - individuals coming together and protesting, for what they believe in." "Despite the circumstances and challenges of our time, people continue to put themselves at risk out of love and desire for a better tomorrow."

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