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Montreal CMA includes more than 82 neighborhoods where 4.1 million people reside; this represents 50% of the whole province’s population.

This French-speaking city is in constant development. In recent years, large investments have been made to improve the infrastructures, extend the transit system as well as building health establishments that are at the cutting edge of technology. In 2018, the unemployment rate was at its lowest in 43 years and a “growing number of foreign investment projects” were established in the city creating even more employment.

The city of Montreal is Canada's 2nd largest city with a population of 1.6 million residents. It is the largest francophone speaking city in North America and for that reason, all Out-of-home advertising must be in French. The city attracts tourists yearlong with a diversified cultural programming and festivals, even during the long winter months. Tourism has grown year over year; in 2017, more than 11 million tourists visited the city!


Why OOH in Montreal?

OUTFRONT reaches 70% of Canadians daily.* This city, like no other, is where OUTFRONT thrives. Advertise to a population that prides itself on being ahead of the curve, and you’ll be sure to get there yourself. We have multiple beautiful products that work well in this city. We know Montreal and the people who live here. Even when its 30 below, our outdoor advertising ensures that in every condition, our client’s stay ON - because here, that is the only way to be.

*SOURCE: COMMB (Measured Markets)

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