The Hamilton CMA with a population of approximately 750,000 people is the 3rd largest CMA in Ontario.

Hamilton is located within an hour's commuting distance of nearby Toronto and traffic between the two cities is heavy with a daily exchange of workers in both directions. Nicknamed Canada's Steel town, Hamilton is a city with very strong industry and manufacturing interests, but also boasts increasingly important health sciences & service sectors being the home of universities and colleges. The Hamilton CMA includes the city of Hamilton, Burlington and the communities of Stoney Creek and Ancaster.


Why OOH in Hamilton?

OUTFRONT reaches 70% of Canadians daily.* This city, like no other, is where OUTFRONT thrives. Advertise to a population that prides itself on being ahead of the curve, and you’ll be sure to get there yourself. We have multiple beautiful products that work well in this city. We know Montreal and the people who live here. Even when its 30 below, our outdoor advertising ensures that in every condition, our client’s stay ON - because here, that is the only way to be.

*SOURCE: COMMB (Measured Markets)

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